We’ve all heard the expression “the bigger, the better”, but what does that mean when it comes to our faces?

With the growing trend of lip enhancements from celebrities and influencers, there’s no wonder the trend continues to flourish into 2023. If you’re wondering what information your clients need before their first treatment, keep reading! Aesthisave has all the answers for you!

Information To Share With Your Clients

What Are Lip Fillers?

When we age, our skin begins to slow down the production of hyaluronic acid, which results in our skin becoming more thin and dry. This also means our lips lose plumpness, and fine lines become more predominant.

This is where lip fillers come into play!

In the UK, lip fillers contain a natural substance called hyaluronic acid. This substance is found within the deep layers of the skin, known as the dermis; its primary function is to retain water and keep the skin smooth and healthy.

How Long Do They Last?

Lip fillers are a great way to add support and structure to the skin and help give a well-rounded and youthful appearance. They’re long-lasting yet semipermanent options to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin to where it is needed. This creates the appearance of fuller lips- which can be tailored to your client’s chosen size and shape. The body will naturally begin to break down the filler, which means results can last around 18 months.

How Can Lip Fillers Help Your Clients?

Lip fillers are aimed at helping people reach their desired look through lip augmentation. Some of the benefits of lip fillers include:

  • This is a non-invasive treatment that typically requires minimal/ no recovery time. Meaning your clients can go about your everyday activities straight after.
  • They are non-permanent, and the body naturally breaks down the substance over time.
  • No skin test is required! So no need to book your client in for an extra appointment.
  • Vegan-friendly- this is a great marketing tactic.
  • Your clients can achieve their desired shape and volume with lip fillers.

Lip fillers can provide people with almost instant results. They can also help combat insecurities and improve self-image, making your clients feel beautiful and more confident.

What Can’t Lip Fillers Do?

This minimally invasive treatment can help your clients to achieve their desired results. However, it is essential to make your clients understand that they will get different results than a complete facelift, brow or eye surgery. Lip fillers are a temporary remedy that requires ongoing treatments to maintain the desired outcome.

What Should Your Clients Expect From Their Treatment?

Before any producers take place, they will have an anaesthetic cream applied to their lips. The lips and the area around them are very sensitive, so you must reassure your clients that they will be appropriately numbed beforehand to reduce discomfort. Then you will inject around the lip area, depending on the desired look.

They may experience discomfort, but it should never be painful.

This is a reasonably quick treatment that lasts around 20-30 minutes.

It is common for people to be a little red, sore and swollen after their treatment. People also experience slight bruising, but any of these symptoms should surpass over a couple of days.

What Aftercare Information Should You Give To Your Clients?

You should give aftercare information to your clients that can help them to reduce any side effects and to help them get the most out of their treatment. These typically follow:

  • Not wearing makeup after the procedure
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Avoiding coffee
  • Avoiding exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoiding extreme temperatures for at least 24 hours.